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           BUENOS AIRES, tips and tricks  


Security: In general beware of too solicitous taxi drivers,  when arriving in Ezeiza or elsewhere.  Do take all necesary precautions when taking a cab.  Prefer the hotel service (even if more expensive) or have, if possible or available, company or friends either to pick you up or recommend. An option  when arriving is taking the Manuel Tienda Leon bus to town.   There are good and bad people everywhere and this is not our safest hour.    Plan for a  safer and  pleasant stay.  When walking BA streets try not to look a visitor.  Avoid latest models of eyeglases,  latest haircut, too sophisticated attaches,  sandals and socks (women).  Do not  carry your  cameras or video recorders too ostentatiously.  Try to look  a local resident.  Watch people,  and act and wear similarly.


Good eating  is a habit in BA.  They say Argentine pizza and ice cream are the best in the world.  Well,  it is true. And coffee and beef too,  and the assortment of fresh fruit.  For advice on food and drink I recomend Derek Fosterīs The Buenos Aires Herald Good Eating Guide and also his Best Restaurants Guide, published by The Buenos Aires Herald in bilingual editions.  Useful, small and cheap. Comments, news and reports  in  the Herald might be interesting and useful.  And if  in doubt you can even get Derek Foster  on the phone. 

Travel Guides and Advise: Browse through the pages of the Buenos Aires Herald either on line or buying the paper, search for  Bonnie Tuckerīs comments on travelling.   Not one to be missed.   I have enjoyed each and every one.  Argentine Tourist Boardīs site is a general good guide with lots of pictures and maps  

Also,  for the time being only in Spanish, but an English version on the way      

And A new site (original and instructive, with a special flavour for beautiful buildings)

Corporate ratesAsk for corporate rates whenever asking for hotel reservations.  Every hotel needs promotion and this is your chance for a bargain,  and the hotelīs to market their services.  Ask for weekend options.  Search on the net.

Avoid Argentine winter holidays (July).   The streets,  theatres, cinemas of  Buenos Aires are a whirlwind of kids with  moms or dads enjoying a la par or  trying to get command.  If you enjoy kids walking everywhere then Buenos Aires will be fascinating,   if not keep as far as possible.

Avoid summer heat in BA.  Probably summer months are the best time to get cheap hotel accomodation and lots of vacant rooms in town,   but January (as said elsewhere now also December, February and March) can be quite unbearable if walking BA is in  your plans.  But if  you feel you need plenty of summer  sun any of these months might be your best choice.

Flights.  Take into account that Argentina is better seen connecting by air,  because of long distances, combining with land transport.  There are good connections and some  new airline companies.  Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral,  LAPA, Southern Winds and Dinar are those most important. The best and cheapest possibility is buying the Airpass Visit Argentina issued by Aerolineas Argentinas and Austral Lineas Aereas before coming to Argentina, (available only abroad), which might allow you to travel cheaper. 

VAT There is at present a 21% VAT reimbursement on purchases,  but there are plans to implement new tax exemptions (hotel and air fares) for tourists in the near future. Be alert.

Airports. Domestic flights use the Jorge Newbery downton airport. International (Buenos Aires bound) arrive and depart from Ezeiza International Airport.

When asking for services search for the best. The best can turn to be the  the least expensive in the end.





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