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    English on Line - Share and Learn 

The Project.

This course is connected with my distance mode studies  with the University of Southern Queensland and my experience  with face-to-face  in-company classes in the past. It is a 4-months on line course prepared for company participants,   but meant to be of use to a wider spectrum of people willing to seize today´s  opportunities of the www,  as a source of information and education


The   Philosophy  

Share and Learn,  according to knowledge and experience. My intention  is not teaching in the conventional mode but motivating learners to enjoy searching the web, learn and share knowledge.  Why Share and Learn?   Because I have met so many people eager to learn and so few willing to teach and share. This site is an invitation to  a new vision.



The Objective 

Access to this site is obviously  free (except for the Forum)  albeit  my  objective,   at this first stage  are company consumers  (colleagues),  with an intermediate command of the language,  placed in a new environment of    technology-based educational opportunities.  Once started,  on  line will be supported by weekly face to face meetings to enhance learning.   We will first immerse into  webquests (introduction  and development)   as an ideal  model of interactive learning.    Initial webquests will be followed by more specific ones and our first joint activity will be building  Destination Argentina,  aimed to include information about Argentina and the Argentines.  Further webquests will be job specific first,  and   later followed by general topics,  which will be  chosen and discussed among the participants.   New York Times daily Lesson Plan will also be used. Nobody should miss this site (see webquests).


The Paradigm Shift

New educational approaches,  (distance/on line/  flexible/virtual studies)   and the  rich  resources available  pose new,  varied and  challenging  possibilities  for many. Technology has been incorporated into our lives as a powerful,  useful, inevitable tool,   encouraging all kinds of  learners, whatever their age,  pursuits and interests.    Teachers  have become  tutors, facilitators,  learners.   That is  the  feature  I want to explore further :   motivate  the group to share  knowledge and  become teachers  and facilitators  themselves and actively, generously,  openly  participate in expanding their own and their colleagues horizons,  while  practicing  written and oral English.   We are all aware time is a vital  constrain.   Work, family and other commitments overshadow and sometimes directly impede fulfilling even  the strongest of motivations.   This course is an invitation to study differently.

                                     LEARNING IS SHARING LEARNING IS SHARING LEARNING IS SHARING LEARNING IS SHARING LEARNING IS SHARING LEARNING  IS                                         

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