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The Provinces

Buenos Aires

The Pampas

The Coast - North

The Coast - South

North and NW

Waters and Marshes

Central Andes


National Parks


Cultural - Art










Some special places to stay and enjoy

The residence of the Patron Costas family in town has been completely refurbished and converted into a hotel the Solar de la Plaza

Santa Anita,  neaby Coronel Moldes, a short distance form the Cabra Coral dam, where guests will be privileged to learn from Carlos Lewis, an agronomist,  who leads nature, culture and adventure excursions in the archeology and popular traditions rich Lerma Valley and Guachipas regions,  some 60 kms from the provincial capital.

Puerta del Cielo (Hevenīs door) a 5000 hectare spread that was once part of the Potrero de Uriburu,  in the hills behind posh San Lorenzo. - Arnagaīs site within the redsalta - Selva Montanaīs country accommodation, 14 minutes form Saltaīs downtown in the beautiful and exclusive area of San Lorenzo. - Hostal Provincial de Molinosīspecial accomodations, 200 kms form the city of Salta, in the town of Molinos, in the heart of the Valles Calchaquies - Eaton Place Country residence, run by its owner, a manor house overlooking the Andes and the Valle de Lerma. in San Lorenzo residential area,  10 kms northwest of the city of Salta. - Redsaltaīs link to Los Los  accommodations located in the Lerma Valley, 4 kms form Chicana village, 30 minutes from Salta Airport - Red Saltaīs selected accomodations list


Hobbies and and Sports

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