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Ljudmila Hribar

Unit 81530 Creating Interactive Multimedia

Submitted on 28 January 2001

Ass 3 Project and Evaluatin Report



 The title of my site is ARGENTINA, natural wonders, a land to discover and enjoy.



My project is located at :

It is a site with an introduction to Argentina, country and people, the provinces,  outstanding regions and national parks,  general info,  some brief personal comments and thoughts, photographs and links to  specialized topics.  There are further links to maps and cultural sites,  an advise on books  and  comments related with history and economy.  Under credits I have included  thanks and under Personal some personal details and pictures.


The origins of my site are closely related with my travels and that part of my work I really enjoy (as a travel coordinator);   the need to organize information I have in my files;  and prepare for an international convention of an international packaging group to be held in Buenos Aires, sponsored by the company I work for in our capacity of members.

I have learnt a lot and although I enjoyed building this site it is also fair to admit that it was tremendously demanding and strenuous, involving much more time and resources (technology and knowledge) than  I had available, so I had only one option :  less sleeping hours and profiting from what I had.

My final feeling is that that this site is no more than a proper beta version and that I have (only) started a long journey  aiming to the excellency of a product, at this stage still demanding  improving, checking,  revising, updating,  discovering and further   researching.   I´ll try to continue in the line of real discovery with the least possible commercial bias,   but with a view of making this site also profitable,  in as far I can at least get some kind of support to visit for free (or involving only minor expenses) those sites I want to  talk about.   Visiting  the spots is  vital for avoiding   praising what is not worthy and trying to discover what is really valuable and has not been promoted well enough.      The basis is set, now  the time has come to start working “professionally” in a line I had not previously foreseen (my initial aim was less ambitious).   During these latest months several very good tourist sites have appeared locally (not all have English versions, but will surely be included soon) and my (our - as a team project)  ) intention is to compete I´ll have to work really hard to be able to do so offering a valuable, easily downloadable and attractive site. 

The site has been designed containing general information about Argentina and some selected  regions for people visiting us either on business or for pleasure.  Some of the information is still missing (is any site ever complete?)   due to lack of time, but will be completed  as soon as possible (e.g. National Parks,  Central Andes, Cultural – Art,   Patagonia.  The latter having only some preliminary  facts, nothing  about Tierra del Fuego - "Land of fire" -  the Islands,  and the Antartic).   The design was made  in a very simple way,   due to the reason that I had  few resources (Frontpage,  Photoshop) My  downloaded trial version of Flash expired and so did Animation Shop.  I finally bought Animation Shop 3 but was unable to use it (downloaded bought version without having deleted the trial one and now have to do a complicated process to install, which I am going to do only after delivery this Assignment, for precaution sake.  


This part of my work is fairly  simple. I adopted the development approach I did because it was the only one I had explored and could  possibly complete with tangible conclusions and results in the time I had available. Much of the information I included in this site was taken from my travel files,  selected and edited, I made some research on the go and have been  including changes almost daily (but my home file ended in a mess with files and papers scattered everywhere) .    I must admit the process was conducted in a fairly disorganized way as I had to move papers and info from the office home. A very negative point is that I have still not acquired  the discipline to have  files well organized in my home computer and this site is really demanding it, but when I started I had no idea it will turn into such a big site - a whole booklet  on line!   

One of the  important steps in this development is that 99% of the pictures used are other people´s property    (asked for permission), mainly belonging to Argentine Tourist Board.  Should I have had to scan them all I would have needed much more time and a scanner at  home (I only have access to a scanner at work)

Information was  taken also  from  Governmental Tourist Offices  brochures, my own files and experience, and some the Buenos Aires Herald newspaper Travel Supplements, most  written by Bonnie Tucker. 

It was very useful having at least some knowledge of rough  html,  as I was able to  check and correct shorter pieces on line.


Unfortunately I have not had time to submit my site for evaluation to anybody. I could still do so if needed.

My own evaluation is that

·         I have completed a fairly long and perhaps much longer job than expected work (sorry for delay and the length  of it!).

·         That I feel it  is moderately acceptable but is needing further revision.

·         That I need to improve on it in many ways (easier downloading is one important point) and completing those sections missing.

My most immediate plans are

     Include original drawings being prepared by Juan Juvancic and Patricia Pucci (mentioned in Credits), most photographs will be kept or changed for better ones.

    Include original sound being prepared by Mariano Vivod (also mntioned  under Credits)

     Revise the whole site piece by piece ( I am most sorry to admit I did not have time to check links one by one - I ll be doing so after delivering Assignment)

     Find out what people visiting us in May will be needing and be prepared to assist them with the help of this site.  

    Well this is what I have done. Hope it is acceptable.

Ljudmila Hribar 

Unit 81530 2000s2