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The Provinces

Buenos Aires

The Pampas

The Coast - North

The Coast - South

North and NW

Waters and Marshes

Central Andes


National Parks


Cultural - Art










PLACES and official sites
Natural World Heritage Properties - Peninsula Valdes location - Unesco´s justification and inscription including the Report of the 23d Session of hte Committee - Puerto Madryn´s multiple official very interesting site with plenty of information on history, tours, adventure, Scuba Diving, fauna and flora and photos - Puerto Piramides local site - Trelew´s government´s site - Trelew´s local site Province of Chubut official site A Gaiman colonial guest house/hotel/B&B. Do not miss these people, they seem to be really friendly and proud of their ancestors. - Rawson´s local site - "The kingdom of the Marine Giants" - Good advice, unfortuantely some of the links mentioned seem to be inactive.
Commercial sites, containing also some good info / commercial site but experienced people´s comments  - same as above
A traveller´s comments. An attentive watcher  A commercial site with interesting descriptions either on Valdes, Madryn or Punta Tombo. - a local travel agency´s site with valuable material offered by a knowledgeable and experienced team - a commercial site with good information. covering the whole of hte province of Chubut from the coast to the Andes "Welsh days in Patagonia" by Allan Taylor - Argentine Tourism Board site - The Patagonian Atlantic: penguins, whales, seals and sea elephants - "an Argentine non governmental and non profit organization with objectives on research and conservation of cetaceans" - whales, orcas, dolphins et al  - Whale Watching Worldwide Web
http://www.physics.hel - Whale Watching in Patagonia - A very interesting site with lots of useful info and updated prices
GENERAL INFO A multiple site with general info and links to newspapers, news, sports ecology, art, etc. (meant for locals to connect with the world)
ACCOMODATION - an old estancia recently refurbished - estancia´s accomodation
When in Madryn get a coy of Puerto Madryn´s Townhall  brochure called  "Animese. comience su aventura Madryn - have a try. start your Madryn adventure"  It will be a most useful guide. It is a general overview of the whole area  with lots of useful info.




Hobbies and and Sports

Survival Vocabulary

General Links