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The Provinces

Buenos Aires

The Pampas

The Coast - North

The Coast - South

North and NW

Waters and Marshes

Central Andes


National Parks


Cultural - Art









Within the rich diversity of these provinces and the many unique places I would recommend you browse through as many sites as possible to check information:

SALTA The Province of Salta´s links organized by Argentine National Tourist Board. Lots of useful info of how to get, where to stay, things to do, what to visit, shopping etc - Salta´s province official site  with general info, government departments, tourism, production, people´s feedback, statistics and links Salta´s local site with links to diverse information, geographical divisions, touristic itineraries and schedules, local craft and art,  typical meals, tourism risks, transport and recreation - another Salta´s local site with lots of local info but some very interesting data for tourists; get to know their  cultural life and have a feeling of what they are doing. -  Everthing you want and need to know about Salta - Adventure at full speed. Unique safaris and trips. Don´t miss.

Accommodation - Arnaga´s site within the Redsalta - Selva Montana´s country accommodation - Hostal Provincial de Molinos - Eaton Place Country residence - Redsalta´s link to Los Los  accommodations - Red Salta´s selected accommodations info


JUJUY The Province of Jujuy local site with stories of travellers, statistical  data, provincial events, hotels and accommodation, photographs and maps

TUCUMAN - The Province of Tucuman local site with Spanish and English text.





Hobbies and and Sports

Survival Vocabulary

General Links