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thanks,  requests and promises


This site was built in all good faith,   many times recollecting  Ronald Barthes´ thoughts.  It is not that I agree in all he said and would accept,  but  among his writings there are many absolutely realistic thoughts like "the text is a tissue of quotations drawn from innumerable centers of culture".   And "..a text is not a line of words releasing a single "theological" meaning but a multi dimensional space in which a variety of writings, none of them original, blend and clash...."     In this site I have tried to emulate his  definition of Sapientia : "no power, a little knowledge, a little wisdom, and as much flavour as possible" . 

This is the place for special thanks.   

First to  Mariano,  Patricia  and Juan.  Without them I would not have done what I believe I did and what is more what  I still plan to achieve.   Drawings included are ideas and artwork  made by  Patricia and Juan,   Mariano helped with Photoshop and is working on sound (we are preparing original sound to identify regions, hope this to be included soon).    




Mariano Vivod

Patricia Pucci

Juan Juvancic



 Thanks to  my family and friends, who had to bear my "absent mindedness".   Building this site, a la par with my daily commitments,   was pretty absorbing and I was never there when needed.  My warm thanks also to some special people :  Andres my first teacher in the field,  who with patience explained so many things  once and again (and still does),   to  Diego,  who helped me to publish my first picture,  and Cristian,  who is always there listening to stupid questions and solving problems  with a smile.

And  my sincere thanks to many others:

To  Peter Albion (my teacher in  Interactive Multimedia - University of Southern Queensland - distance)  for his patience in waiting for this Assignment.

To the Direccion Nacional de Turismo (Argentina).  99% of  photographs  belong to them.

To Martin Hardoy who allowed me to publish his photographs of horses.  See under General Links.

To Bonnie Tucker for her instructive writings in Buenos Aires Herald Leisure and Travel supplement.

To  those referenced under Links, from whom I have taken ideas and inspiration.

Finally,  I moderately like what I have  achieved  to this point (is any site ever finished?)  and would appreciate comments and suggestions.  I want this site to be a source of accurate and interesting information for potential visitors. I am open to  consider all positive suggestions for improvements.



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