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HISTORY and links.  Argentina, quo vadis?



What is history?  Who cares?  How does it condition country and people?  Is it a history or histories?  Who "does" history?  Are there different types of history?   What exactly are historical facts?  What does it mean to be biased,  and ought historians  detect it and root it out?  On what authority?   "The past and history float free of each other.... there are different interpretive readings over time and space...." (Keith Jenkins")

But the past is something that has already occurred.    Different sociologists and historians would interpret differently. "History is  fragile,   no account can recover the past as it was because the past was not an account but events, situations..." (Keith Jenkins).    Is true objectivity possible when searching for the truth?  Orwell wrote in 1984 that those who control the present control the past and those who control the past control the future.   And Ronald Barthes said "It is when history is denied that it is most unmistakably at work" .

How important is history?  Are there historical facts that we can definitely know or is history "just interpretation"?

My aim here,   following  Keith Jenkins "Re-thinking History" is  to "offer means to be reflexive : to develop a self conscious reflexivity not only of the questions one asks and the answers one accepts, but why one asks and answers in the way one does and not other.." (Keith Jenkins)

The above ideas taken from Keith Jenkins, George Orwell and Ronald Barthes are only an introduction to  invite you to search on your own and browse through some of the links below, for "while there may be a sense in which everyone is in the same boat, because not all the boatīs occupants are in the same position is that some already have their histories in place".....   (Keith Jenkins)  


LANIC Argentina Reference Desk with academic research resources,  anthropology, archeology, arts and humanities, economy and finance,  Government,  Health, Human Rights, Literature, magazines,  military, museums, music, newspapers, political parties, radio stations, science and tehcnology, sports, travel adn tourism): http://lanic.utexas.edu/la/argentina/

El Sur del Sur "The southernmost South Web Site" with a very interesting "Journey into the Past" (in English) beautifully presented and  covering history and cultural identity (fine arts, dance, music, literature, cinema, sports and folklore): http://www.surdelsur.com/historia/his130ing.html

Sarmiento, Belgrano, San Martin  www.buenosaires.gov.ar/cultura/biblioteca/emailx2/emailx2.htm

Biographies, battles, political parties : www.historiadelpais.com.ar

Links about Argentine history: www.me.gov.ar/centro/HistoriaArgentina.html

Argentina and its ESCUDOS: http://www.redargentina.com/ESCUDOS/

Argentine National Anthem: http://webs.satlink.com/usuarios/l/lucbry/himno.htm

Argentine General Archives site with lots of documentation and important links: http://www.archivo.gov.ar/mc_principal.htm

Destination Argentina, (a travellerīs guide but also history, culture and environment) : http://www.lonelyplanet.com/destinations/south_america/argentina

About South America with lots of info about Argentina: http://gosouthamerica.about.com/travel/gosouthamerica/cs/argentina/index.htm

Argentina Country Resources, culture, education, news, links: http://www.worldwide.edu/resources/argentinaplan.html




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