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They say that every Argentine is an economy minister. The tragic of it  is that we really believe it,  and the truth  that times are hard and that an overall  injustice prevails in all Latin America.

Everybody would admit that  Machiavellian principles are  firmly entrenched in  business, commerce and powers to be.    Machiavello should be read by everyone,   because his writings are as true today as in his times.   Think what he said :  "a ruler in a province that does not conform with his own should make himself head and weaken those that are strong.  He should also ensure that an outsider with power equal to his own does not enter the province through any unforeseen circumstance".    And "There are three ways of holding on to those states that one acquires ... the first way is to destroy them. The second is to go and live there.. the third way is to let them continue living under their own laws whilst levying a tribute and ensuring they remain your allies by creating well disposed ruling elites." And when talking of cities "for, if the truth be told, there is no better way of possessing them securely than by destroying them".... "anything you implement or plan is useless if you do not set the citizens against each other and scatter them throughout the land..."   About the Duke he said  " he understood so clearly that men must be either won over or destroyed" and as an advice   "injuries should be inflicted all at once so they cause less offence, while favors should be granted little by little so that they are more appetising".   "Virtu also constitutes the ability to limit opportunities for others"

But he also said: "the power which has loyal subjects who hold their ruler in affection is the most stable power". "What has to be discussed must be discussed quickly, since you are keeping so many people suspended between hope and fear, people whose uncertainty needs to be resolved either by punishing them or rewarding them"  And  "the peopleŽs aim is more honest that that of the nobles, as the latter seek to oppress while the former seek to avoid oppression"

True, cruel, partial?  Anyway,  nothing seems to have changed in human nature and Machiavellian writings are food for thought. 

One of the most original opinions  I heard lately is that the IMF should be closed (and it is was not the voice of any leftwing member) as it is only supporting ailing countries engrossing debts contracted by successive corrupt governments,  and burdening debts upon the shoulders of future generations.  

May I leave it up to you to research our reality and compare data.  IŽd be very glad to receive any comments.

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