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HORSES -  Martin Hardoy is an Argentine who designed a  non violent technique for taming horses (and wild animals).  About his experience with horses he wrote a book "Sobre Doma Caballos y Caballeros de Argentina (available only in Spanish).  He is also running an estancia, where he holds courses and offers training in his technique.  Details of his estancia and his work can be seen in his website: www.martinhardoy.com.ar      And if you are a horse lover search also for Ines Menéndez Behety´s drawings. They are beautiful, inspiring and poetic,  projecting a love not only for horses but also nature


FLORA AND FAUNA.  Fundacion Miguel Lillo (Miguel Lillo Foundation) is one of Argentine top research institutes working in the field of nature reserves and Argentine flora and fauna. Enjoy it on the www. Get in touch with them. Make comments. They´ll appreciate it. They are real researchers and need all kinds of support. 


GOLF.  Argentina has lately been promoting its golf links as tourist destination. And indeed there are quite a few to choose from.  On the occasion of the recent Golf World Cup in Buenos Aires  Argentina´s National Secretariat of Tourism launched this "new" attraction and several courses to choose from.   Either surrounded by mountains or  sea,   golf lovers can now send the ball "to the end of the world"  playing in Bariloche or  Ushuaia or by the sea in Mar del Plata.


BIRDING.  Argentina is a paradise for bird watchers and there are so many possibilities that it is very important to plan in advance what places to choose. There is a lot of information on the www (Yahoo search for Birding in Argentina) and I would recommend you browse through the following: http://www.camacdonald.com/birding/saargentina.htm  Very complete and detailed information of all regions (also some Chileans)  This is a commercial site as they offer tours, but the info contained is really valuable. Another site is http://www.abcbirds.org/latin%ameerica/argentina_profile.htm, birding hotspots, endemics, field guides, checklists, projects details  and  travel information. And there are also some visitors descriptions not to miss.   Choose  e.g. Ignaas Robbe´s  and Jan van der Laan´s comments site   html

FISHING - For those whose passion is fishing there are quite a few guides among General Links and included in the regions described, but this is fishing specific  http://www.apescar.com/main.htm

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